A CITY school made almost £1,500 from selling second-hand uniforms.

Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Brighton has partnered with Smarter Uniforms, a group encouraging schools to sell second-hand clothes for cheap.

As part of the initiative, seven schools across Brighton collect used uniforms from parents and send them to Smarter Uniforms.

The group then sells them for a third of the price in the Fair shop in Queens Road.

Seventy per cent of the money made is then given to each school in the form of an annual payment based on sales.

The project has paid dividends for Cardinal Newman school, which has made £1,490 from second-hand uniform sales.

Headteacher Clare Jarman said the money would go towards supporting pupils on low income.

“The funding will go into our school hardship fun,” she said.

“This helps to meet the cost of school trips and enrichment opportunities for pupils who may otherwise be unable to benefit from joining in.

“The Smarter Uniforms shop gives parents choice when it comes to purchasing their children’s uniform.

“We are also very pleased that this scheme supports ecological choices with the reuse and recycling of textiles as well as the minimising of waste.”

Campaigners say the project benefits schools, parents, and the environment.

Seven schools across the city participate in the project.

Any other schools interested in partnering with Smarter Uniforms should contact bhsmarteruniforms@gmail.com.