THE Green Party has announced an ambitious new manifesto that includes building 100,000 affordable homes every year.

Brighton Pavilion parliamentary candidate Caroline Lucas attended the party’s campaign launch in London yesterday.

The Greens propose spending £100 billion in a “Green New Deal” to eliminate carbon emissions in the economy and create jobs in the renewable energy sector.

And they pledged to invest an extra £6 billion in the NHS every year until 2030 if elected.

But Ms Lucas said the most eye-catching Green policy for Brighton residents would be its housing pledge.

“Housing is a massive issue in Brighton and I’m so happy the Greens are focusing on it,” she said.

“One hundred thousand council homes will be built every year for affordable rent. And for those who rent privately, we will introduce a Renters’ Rights Bill to protect them from any abuse.”

The party has also proposed introducing a basic benefit payment of £89 for all UK residents in a bid to crack down on poverty and simplify the benefits system.

“Right now we’re one of the richest countries in the world,” said Ms Lucas.

"But we’re experiencing record levels of poverty.

"And £89 per week by 2025 plus other benefits will be more than enough for everyone to live on.

"People will still receive housing and disability benefit if they qualify."

Ms Lucas said her party did not expect to win any Sussex seats apart from Brighton Pavilion.

The Lib Dems agreed to stand down in the seat after they struck a national deal with the Greens earlier this month.

Though the two parties have not agreed deals in any other Sussex seats, Ms Lucas blasted the Labour Party for refusing to be part of a Remain Alliance.

“We would love for Labour to be included,” she said.

“But it seems they’re happy to put pressure on us to stand down but they don’t like pressure on them.

“Labour has been dragged kicking and screaming into supporting a people’s vote.

“But we’ve supported a second referendum since 2016.”