PUPILS were dazzled when the winner of the BBC’s hit singing show The Voice came to their school assembly and performed alongside a student.

The Voice champion Molly Hocking teamed up with 18-year old Sussex composer Eden Binks, who goes to Roedean School. Together they are releasing a single early next year, and pupils at the school were among the first to hear it.

Eden accompanied Molly on the piano as they debuted their ballad version of the Spice Girls’s Say You’ll Be There in front of awestruck pupils on Friday morning.

Roedean associate deputy head Ross Barrand said: “The girls absolutely loved it. It was an amazing start to their Friday. The looks on their faces when Eden and Molly were performing were priceless.”

Molly, who is also 18, triumphed in The Voice this year and won widespread acclaim for her performance of Lady Gaga’s I’ll Never Love Again.

The pair met after Eden’s father Jason Binks sent a Soundcloud link of his daughter’s recordings to a business associate who was in touch with Molly’s management company.

Days later, Mr Binks received an email asking Eden to come in for a meeting. The managers loved Eden’s idea of reworking the Spice Girls track, and a week after Eden sent her demo tape, the girls were recording in a studio in North London.

The pair said they clicked immediately and managed to hammer out their version of the famous track in a day. Eden said: “My dad forwarded me the email from the management company and I read it sitting in the common room at school.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t tell many people in case it didn’t work out. But when we met it felt really natural. We just got on straight away and we love improvising together.”

Eden is a self-taught musician and learnt how to play piano from tutorials on Youtube. She explained: “I have been arranging songs since I was 11. I prefer teaching myself. I came to Roedean and the music teachers here have really helped me develop my love of music.”

Molly said: “We had a great time improvising in the studio and I’m really looking forward to working with Eden. It’s tough working by yourself in this industry so it feels lovely to have someone working creatively with me.”