CANDIDATES have responded after Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clashed in a TV debate.

The Prime Minister and the Labour Party leader argued about Brexit and the NHS as they attempted to

win over voters ahead of the December 12 General Election.

The pair traded blows in front of a live audience as they answered quickfire questions on party policy.

Mr Corbyn refused nine times to say whether his party would back Brexit, prompting laughter from the audience.

Mr Johnson was jeered by the ITV crowd too after he said that trust was important in this election.

The Parliamentary candidates for Brighton Kemptown responded after watching the heated debate screened on Tuesday night.

Labour’s Lloyd Russell Moyle said: “It is clear that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have ambitious practical plans for real change in Britain and to rebuild our country after nine years of destruction of our communities and other institutions.

“Mr Johnson was losing the audience constantly, trying to bang on about

Brexit and his 18-month transition by the end of the debate.

“Jeremy Corbyn offered a final say for a permanent deal within six months and focused on the task in hand – rebuilding our NHS, reversing privatisation, supporting youth work and tackling the issues that matter to our community.

“Where as Mr Johnson proposed only a temporary tax on some corporations, Jeremy Corbyn outlined how we would aim to see a Britain without poverty and without excess of billionaires where everyone is well and wealthy.”

Conservative candidate for Kemptown Joe Miller said: “Boris has a clear plan for moving this country forward and uniting it.

“However you voted in 2016, it is clearer now than ever, after three and a half years, now is the time to unite our divided country by getting Brexit over and done so we can move on to things that people really care about and that affect their daily lives like the NHS, schools and policing.”