WE ASKED for your photos of bad parking... and you really delivered.

We’ve whittled down images of the worst parking in and around Brighton and Hove, from vans lining a narrow single-carriageway street in the city centre to the parents and carers who park on double yellow lines outside our schools.

Some of the men and women who own the cars in the photographs block pavements for pedestrians.

One silver Mercedes parked in Manchester Street forced a wheelchair user into the main road.

A grandfather and his grandson riding along a cycle path along the seafront also found their way blocked by cars.

There is no national ban against either on-street parking or pavement parking. The only exception to this is in London, where you are not allowed to leave your vehicle on a pavement.

However, it is an offence to drive on to the pavement – with the intention to park or not.

Because this is a criminal offence, as opposed to the vast majority of civil parking offences, it is enforceable by the police, not councils.

It’s possible that a ban on pavement parking could be introduced in the future.

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