A LYING love rat strangled women to please his own “dark, violent sexual fantasies”, a court was told.

Neil Scott-O’Connor cheated on three women.

The self-employed engineer fantasised about rape and having sex with women while they were unconscious, and tried to act out the fantasies on two of the women, it was alleged.

At Brighton Crown Court 24-year-old Scott-O’Connor denies two choking charges, assaults, and making death threats.

He sobbed in the witness box as he was quizzed by prosecution barrister Richard Hearnden yesterday.

The prosecutor described how Scott-O’Connor would bombard the two women, who cannot be named for legal reasons, with vile and “nasty” abusive messages.

He asked: “Isn’t it the case that you have these rather dark, violent sexual fantasies, the kind you bring to the bedroom when you can?”

Mr Hearnden said the defendant turned the tables and accused the women of cheating to “grind them down” to become obedient.

The women described how Scott-O’Connor had strangled them during sex, and covered them in unwanted love bites to “tag” them.

Six months before the incidents he had searched Google and asked: “Is choking someone during sex normal?”

The first woman found out Scott-O’Connor was already in a relationship, only to be repeatedly called a liar.

She alleges Scott-O’Connor assaulted her several times, once hitting her head with a car door, and on another occasion hitting her with a wine glass on the head, pulling her hair, punching and kicking her.

He also choked her during sex, she said.

Mr Hearnden described how Scott-O’Connor bombarded the woman with threats, including threatening to torch her home, shoot her, bury her alive and rape her.

It was alleged he had an ice pick which could cut through butter and told the woman: “Imagine what it could do to your skull.”

Meanwhile the second victim was under age and had contacted him via Facebook, telling him she wanted a relationship and children.

He sent abusive messages and lied about wanting a relationship, despite already being in two.

Eventually she agreed to meet him and went to his home, where he gave her wine and put on a horror film which depicted rape and murder scenes, Mr Hearnden said.

He showed her a cache of weapons including an imitation gun and an axe and claimed he wanted to kill or rape someone, the jury heard.

While having sex, he strangled the second woman and covered her in love bites.

The woman was left covered in bruises, including around her throat, the court was told.

Scott-O’Connor denies all the charges, saying that he did not strangle the women or attack them, and said the love bites were consensual.

He said: “I was a bit of a player, I was childish I admit that.

“I am not a sexist or a misogynist.”

The trial of the Scott-O’Connor, of St Michael’s Way, Partridge Green, continues.