THE General Election is just weeks away but voters are feeling disillusioned.

The Argus visited Churchill Square in Brighton yesterday to ask people who they would be backing – and many said they did not know.

This is what people had to say...

Bilal Khan, 31, works in a mobile phone booth in the shopping centre.

He plans on voting for Labour.

He said: “I think they’re the best party for immigrants. I’m a student from Pakistan.

“The culture around elections is very different there.

“Local politicians go from house to house asking for votes.

“Here, a lot more information comes from the media and there’s less going round door to door.

“I’ve just registered but I’m not totally sure who I’ll vote for.

“I like Labour’s stance on immigrants and the NHS, and I heard they are planning on rolling out free wifi across the country.”

Kathleen Hawkes, 65, from Saltdean, thinks the election is “an absolute shambles”.

She said: “Politicians are promising everything now just because there’s an election on.

“What were they doing before?

“We only have a certain amount of money.

“We haven’t got an endless credit card.

“They absolutely can’t be trusted. I don’t think any of them are worth a vote.

“I want us to get out of Europe, so I suppose I’ll just look into who’s lying the least.

“That’s all you can look at nowadays. It’s such a shame.

“In the past I’ve voted Labour.

“The problem now is that everyone is just looking after themselves.”

Derek Gullieford, 74, lives in Worthing and is planning to vote Conservative.

But thinks Boris Johnson was born “with a silver spoon in his mouth”.

He said: “This is a very interesting election. I’ve not fully decided who I’ll vote for.

“The Labour party will bankrupt this country. But they’re all telling lies.

“I’ll probably vote for the Conservatives, but I don’t think Boris Johnson represents most people in this country.

“He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he doesn’t understand the general public.

“He’s a character though, and potentially quite a good leader.

“He’s got charisma, but a drawback is he doesn’t tell the truth.

“I’m a pensioner. There are no policies in particular that appeal to me. This election is all about Brexit.”

Gvidas Garjonis and Camille Dirmeityte, both 22, were visiting Brighton from Lithuania.

They said: “It’s very pleasant here, but we’re worried about coming back.

“It will be much more complex for us after Brexit.

“We don’t know what the passport or visa situation will be.

“In general, people in Europe don’t think Brexit is a good idea.”

Students Reece Stuart-Turner and Hannah Mason-Goodwick are both 17. They won’t be old enough to vote in next month’s election.

Reece, from Peacehaven, said: “I want the voting age brought down to 16.

“We should have a chance to vote and decide our own future.”

Hannah said: “I haven’t paid much attention to the election. Without having a vote, there’s not much incentive.”

Reece thinks Boris Johnson is funny. Hannah think’s he’s “a bit of a buffoon”.

Both believe leaving the EU is a bad idea. Reece said: “Times have changed. In the past, Britain essentially survived by stealing from other countries in its empire. But it’s different now.

“It’s obvious we’ll lose a lot of privileges by leaving.”

Mathias Saether, 36, pictured with partner Makalani and son Bjarne, one, said: “I’m originally from Norway. I’m on a temporary visa and I can’t vote, but I know Brexit is a bad idea. It’s playing with chance and people have no idea of the outcome.

“In Norway we are part of a trade union with the EU, but it’s by no means a good solution for the UK. We’ve had the deal for over 20 years and it works, but from the little I’ve read it wouldn’t work here.

“In exchange for access to the market we allow the flow of a European work force, so you may wonder why we don’t just stay part of the EU.”

“Heavy metal is the only thing in the whole universe worth voting for,” said Allan Vallance, 66, from East Grinstead.

He plays in a metal tribute band and he’s disillusioned with the state of politics.

He said: “I don’t give a f*** about it.

“They’re all a bunch of t***ers.

“Brexit is a complete and utter mess. I didn’t even vote in the referendum.

“It would be OK if supplies of food, drugs, fuel and medicine weren’t affected.

“I won’t be voting though. I don’t usually vote.

“I was glad when Thatcher got in in 1979 but she f***ed up. They all f*** up in the end.

“Boris is a buffoon and Corbyn is taking out his a***.

“They all are.”

Brighton student Jazz Nicholson, 23, said: “I’m fully uneducated about the election. I know nothing.

“I do it on purpose. I like to be naive about it.

“A lot of people are bitter from hearing so much and getting involved.

“I come from a very British family, and they’re very judgemental.

“I see how bitter watching the news every day makes them feel.

“I might not vote. Not now. The system just isn’t built for us.

“I don’t know much at all about Boris Johnson.

“I listen to a lot of grime music and they all say ‘f*** Boris’ so my opinion of her [sic] isn’t very high.

“I don’t think she [sic] cares about her [sic] people.”