A NEW yoga studio has been built in the heart of a busy city.

Husband and wife team Bridgett and Simon Goddard recently opened Yoga In The Lanes, their new studio in Middle Street, Brighton.

Their new yoga school is based in a Victorian building on the site of an old church and houses beauty therapy rooms alongside yoga studios.

Mr Goddard wants to encourage people to become more “centred” by trying out yoga in the heart of Brighton.

“By practising yoga, you are able to feel more centred, grounded both in your physical as well as emotional body simply by the regular practice of moving into and holding different postures,” he said.

“A clearer picture begins to evolve and makes for easier and more effective decision-making.

“It is a simple and effective holistic methodology for helping anyone find internal serenity and a greater self-awareness.

“We want to continue to help people become more centred and enjoy their own, personal yoga journeys.”

The studio will hold a Christmas open day on December 7 at noon.

First-timers will get the chance to try out classes, tour the facilities, and sample healthy festive food.

To find out more, call 01273 933320 or visit yogainthelanes.com.