Patterns, Brighton, Saturday, November 23

OASIS super fans dusted off their Parkas on Saturday to watch tribute band Definitely Oasis.

The crowd included fans reliving the gigs of their youth.

They were joined by others young enough to have been conceived at one of the gigs in their heyday.

All were there to see the faux-Gallagher brothers belt out the hits which defined the music scene for much of the 1990s.

No classic was left unsung as the packed-out crowd in Patterns joined the band in belting out hit after hit made famous by the Gallagher brothers.

Tracks like Little By Little, Don’t Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova were sung to near-perfection.

I, along with much of the crowd, was certainly “mad fer it”.

At risk of causing a rift between the brothers, I thought “Liam” (Brian McGhee) had more of a spark than “Noel” (Chris Duncan).

Just like the real band, Liam undoubtedly took centre stage and Noel was relegated, in large part, to backing vocals.

Liam’s voice was spot on and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone, excluding the man himself, who can belt them out better. However Noel shone when he could. An especially fantastic Half The World Away rendition, sung by Noel, caused many fans to drunkenly throw their arms around the nearest person to slur out the lyrics mere inches from each other’s ears.

Much was said about the other Oasis tribute band which is currently touring called Noasis.

Speaking to others in the crowd, the general consensus was that if you want to go and see Oasis, book a ticket to Noasis.

Having seen them earlier this year, they certainly look the part and have the mannerisms down to the T.

But if you want to go and hear Oasis, head along to the next Definitely Oasis gig.

And with the original things looking increasing unlikely to reform after a Twitter spat at Glastonbury, Definitely Oasis will be the closest many will get to hearing the super-group live.

Jody Doherty-Cove