CAROLINE Lucas is offering to bake you a cake if you donate to her election campaign.

The Green Party candidate for Brighton Pavilion is hoping to retain her seat in the December 12 election by offering services for donations.

The fundraiser called “Put Caroline Lucas back in Parliament alongside more Green MPs” has raised more than £14,220 – including one anonymous donation worth £1,000.

Those who donate money to the fundraiser will be eligible for a number of “perks”.

For £150, Caroline will will give you a “personal guided tour of House of Commons” for 30 minutes if she is re-elected.

Those splashing out £250 will be treated to “lunch with Caroline” where she will join you for lunch and a chat somewhere in Brighton.

For £100, the former Green Party leader will bake you a cake.

The fundraiser states: “Not just a dab hand in the Commons, but also in the kitchen, Caroline will bake you a tasty treat.

“To be collected from the Brighton and Hove Green Party office.”

These looking to bag Caroline Lucas merchandise on a budget can take home signed T-shirts for £50, a Green Party cup for £40 and a thank you letter for £25.

It is stated that the fundraiser will use the money to help re-elect Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion and elect Ollie Sykes to Hove and Portslade and Alexandra Phillips to Brighton Kemptown.

It reads: “You don’t have to put your name up on the crowdfunder site here, if you’d rather be anonymous.

“We’ll need to record your donation to comply with election rules, so please fill in your real name and address for our election records even if you’re going to be anonymous on the crowdfunder site, otherwise we’ll have to give you your money back.”