PARENTS are being urged to make sure their children are vaccinated against the flu.

Caroline Vass, Public Health Consultant for Sussex is calling for parents to make sure all two and three-year-olds and primary aged children take up their free nasal sprays.

The NHS target is to vaccinate at least 50% of two- and three-year-olds. The update last year was 44.2% for two-year-olds and 46.1% for three-year-olds.

Ms Vass said: “ If all eligible children are vaccinated this could significantly reduce the number of people getting flu in the wider community.

“The flu season is already under way and it is a serious illness that can be deadly for the most vulnerable. Children are ‘super spreaders’ and vaccination not only protects children, but also more vulnerable members of the community such as the elderly or those with health conditions, from a potentially horrible illness.”