CONSERVATIVE candidates have responded to Jeremy Corbyn's claim that he has secret documents that “confirm a Tory plot to sell off NHS in US trade talks with Trump”.

One candidate pledged he will resign if the NHS does not remain free at the point of use and another said Mr Corbyn was deflecting from a “car crash” TV interview on Tuesday night.

At a Westminster press conference this morning, Mr Corbyn held up what he claimed was a leaked government 451-page document that revealed the NHS is on the table in trade talks with the USA.

The Labour leader said it “is not only a plot against our NHS, it’s a plot against our country”.

He claimed the dossier showed discussions had taken place on drug pricing and access to NHS contracts.

And warned it could lead to the NHS paying more for drugs and “run-away privatisation” of health care.

This comes after Conservative leader Boris Johnson said there was no truth whatsoever in claims he was planning to sell off the NHS.

Conservative candidates in the Brighton area have insisted there is no truth in the document.

They state the Labour leader is deflecting attention following a “car crash” interview with Andrew Neil on Tuesday night in which he failed to apologise to the Jewish community for the party’s handling of anti-Semitism.

Conservative candidate for Hove and Portslade Robert Nemeth said: “Mr Corbyn is clutching at straws in the wake of his disastrous interview about anti-Semitic Labour members.

“Conservatives have run the NHS for 44 of 71 years. Only under Labour did budgets fall and privatisation rocket.”

He added: “Countless times has it been made clear that the NHS is not for sale.”

But Labour’s candidate for Hove and Portslade, Peter Kyle, said it was “a joke to imagine” Boris Johnson would stand up to Trump on the NHS.

He said: “Everything to Trump is ‘win or lose’ and he plays to win every time.

“It is inconceivable that the US won’t aggressively chase every opportunity and outside of the Single Market Britain will be a weakened economic power and a Tory government hellbent on US alignment will cave in every time. "

He added that “a day never passes when I don’t act against antisemitism whenever I see it, in Labour or our broader community”.

The Conservative candidate for Brighton Kemptown, Joe Miller, has pledged he will resign if the NHS does not remain free at the point of use.

Speaking about Corbyn’s announcement, he said: “This is a simple untruth. Mr. Corbyn has provided no evidence whatsoever that ministers have agreed that the NHS should be part of a trade deal with USA. As frankly, it will not.

“The documents to which he refers to have not been made public either. I wonder why?

“There has been constant scaremongering throughout this time from Labour that the Conservatives will privatise it. Did Margaret Thatcher? No. Did John Major? No. Did David Cameron? No. Did Theresa May? No. Has Boris Johnson? No. Instead a Conservative government has invested over £500m of real taxpayers cash into our Royal Sussex County Hospital.

“The NHS will remain free at the point of use under a Conservative Government, if it does not and I am your Conservative MP: I will resign.

“Instead this morning Mr. Corbyn, in light of the Chief Rabbi’s comments about anti-Jewish Racism in the Labour party yesterday, should have taken this opportunity to apologise to our Jewish community.

“Instead he has decided to create a media storm based on untruths to distract attention. I invite residents to look at the facts and see through Mr. Corbyn as a cuddly grandpa, which he really is not.”

Labour candidate for Brighton Kemptown Lloyd Russell-Moyle said Mr Johnson was a "proven liar" who wants to "bring a new level of American privatisation" to the NHS.

He said: "he documents show what we have been saying all along - the NHS will be on the table with any Trump trade deal. 

"It is clear that drug pricing will be on table and the Tories will be unable to stop it. 

"It's no good the Tories saying they love the NHS, if they want a Trump trade deal, they will have no choice but to give in to Mr Trump and his racist friends.

"Mr Miller here in Brighton has already said he would support no deal putting us in to the USA arms with no negotiating leverage."