A DOCUMENTARY has shared the sweet moment when a surrogate revealed she was pregnant with her friends’ babies.

Married couple Paul and Craig Saunders, from West Sussex, who later found out that they were having twin girls via their work friend, Mel, were also shown getting ready for the arrival of their babies on BBC 2 show The Baby has Landed.

The moment, where their surrogate friend reveals she’s pregnant, was shown in the documentary, when they rewind nine months and Mel announced she was pregnant by video calling the couple and revealing a positive pregnancy stick, which she hadn’t even seen herself yet.

Paul and Craig were beside themselves with happiness, while Mel, the expectant mother, couldn’t believe it either.

The new four-part documentary, lifts the lid on one of the most intense and extraordinary times in any family’s life – the arrival of a new baby.

After we’re introduced Craig and Paul, as well as their surrogate family Mel and Tom, the documentary rewinds to nine months ago.

It showed Mel talking to the couple via FaceTime, where she says: “Yes I’ve weed on the stick, and I put it straight in this envelope.”

While Craig, smiling says: “Oh my God so you haven’t even looked at it?”

With Mel responding: “No, and its killing me, it’s been sat in the bathroom and oh my God.”

Tearing open the envelope she brings out the stick and shows it to couple first, and when they see the two marks, which indicates that she is pregnant, with their baby they both shout out “Oh my God” and start to laugh.

While she then turns it around to find out that she’s pregnant, and she yelps with excitement.

The beginning of the show saw Craig and Paul getting the nursery ready for the arrival of the twins... putting together a crib and hanging out fixtures on the walls.

While the couple admitted that they have been planning to have a baby via surrogate for three years Craig spoke about having a family when he was younger.


“I grew up knowing I liked boys, but then dealt with the fact that if I liked boys then I’ll never have a family. So I thought maybe I should force myself to like girls to have a family,” he said. And then I got used to the idea that it was never going to happen.”

Later on in the show Craig went on to say that once they knew they would be having children that “priorities changed” and “things that previously seemed important like travelling the world were no longer so important.”