THE General Election is just weeks away, but many voters say they are feeling ‘fed up’.

As the poll draws ever closer, The Argus once again visited Churchill Square in Brighton to ask people who they would be backing. This is what they had to say.

Jamie Papworth, 27, and Amy Cameron, 25, are students in Brighton.

Jamie said: “I think at this point it’s a bit of a joke.

“Brexit is a total farce no matter what your views are.

“People are voting for things that are objectively bad for them, like Boris Johnson.

Amy said: “Corbyn is making promises he can’t keep.

“Don’t just be saying stuff if you can’t follow through.”

They are both originally from Jersey, and say they aren’t allowed to vote in the General Election there.

But in Brighton they said they will be voting “to keep the Tories out”.

Brightonian Luke Raynesford, 22, works for a phone company in Churchill Square.

He said: “I’m voting Labour. I don’t want to vote Tory. They’re greedy.

“I like Corbyn. He’s had some bad press but he's a genuinely good person who wants to help people.

“Where do you start with Boris Johnson?

“He’s got no principles.

“He’s even put the NHS on the table in Brexit negotiations.

“I really dislike him as a person.

“And Brexit is the most stupid thing to ever happen to this country.”

Adam Cockerton, 38, was shopping in Brighton.

He said: “I’ll either vote for the Brexit Party or the Conservatives.

“Last election I voted for the Brexit Party.

“I voted to leave the EU too and I’m annoyed the Government is still stringing it out.

“They’re dragging their feet.

“I voted leave because I wanted to curb immigration, but then I looked into it more and I want us to have our own laws.

“Maybe I won’t vote Conservative this time. Boris Johnson makes a lot of promises about leaving the EU but the deadline keeps extending.”

Io Universe, 20, lives in Kemp Town, and is not a fan of the Prime Minister.

Io said: “I’ll be voting Labour.

“I’m disabled, queer, asexual and non-binary: I belong to a lot of groups Boris Johnson has offended.

“My MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle seems like a nice, charismatic guy.

“He was at the Transgender Day of Remembrance and he’s been at the climate strikes, which is really nice to see.”

“There’s no way I’m voting for Boris Johnson.”

Becky Udale and Tom Reynolds, both 18, were taking a break from shopping.

This is the first General Election they can vote in. They said they would be backing the Green Party.

Becky said: “Labour are full of ideas they can’t commit to. It’s not realistic.

“The Greens are actually trying to make a difference, and they’ve got a decent chance in Brighton.

“They’re trying to sort the climate crisis out, and I don’t trust the others.”

Asia Batrane, from Brighton, usually votes for the Liberal Democrats.

But now, she thinks it could be “worth giving Labour a chance”.

She said she is not looking to back Boris Johnson:

She said “I voted Conservative when they were in the coalition.

“But Boris Johnson is not straightforward.

“He changes his mind all the time and that’s not something I like.

“Corbyn is all right.

“He keeps repeating the same sentences but that’s better than Johnson changing what he says all the time.”

Ben Greenough, 25, from Patcham, will be voting for Caroline Lucas as he believes in her and is not happy with the other parties.

He said: “She’s a big advocate for the NHS, and she takes others’ ideas on board. I feel like I’m genuinely being listened to with Lucas.

“Some people might dismiss what she says as a pipe dream, but we need someone in there to counteract the Rees-Moggs in Parliament.

“Boris Johnson is not a straightforward person.

“He looks like he could easily gain your trust, but it’s important to take his buffoonish image with a pinch of salt: it’s very calculated.”

Pam Struff, 73, from Hollingdean, can’t decide who to vote for.

She said: “People are fed up.

“There’s a lot of disillusionment.

“It’s quite sad really. Brexit has split families up and it’s all gone on too long.

“I feel like I haven’t got a choice.

“I’ve voted Labour before but I don’t like Corbyn. He’s a liability and he’s not a good leader.

“At first I thought Boris Johnson was going to be quite good.

“But he’s been caught out with quite a few of his lies.

“We’ve got to vote, but I’m in a real muddle this time.”