CAROLINE Lucas was widely held to have had a successful night in the 7-way election debate on Friday.

The seven-way election debate on the BBC dealt with Brexit, the economy, the NHS and immigration, among other issues, although neither Boris Johnson nor Jeremy Corbyn were present.

The seven politicians on stage were Tory Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Lib Dem boss Jo Swinson, Plaid Cymru chief Adam Price, the Greens’ former leader Caroline Lucas and Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice .

Ms Lucas had arguably the best opening line, staring down the lens of the camera and revealing: “Tonight I’m going to correct one big lie and tell one big truth.

“First the big lie, get Brexit done - Boris Johnson’s deal will not get it done, it’s just the start of years more wrangling.”

On climate change, she added: “This election is the greatest, perhaps the last chance to change course.

“Children can’t vote, the planet can’t vote, it’s up to you, and I ask you - if not now, when?”

The Brighton Pavilion candidate ruled out pressing the nuclear button and said she would tell President Trump “get your act together” and rejoin the Paris agreement to cut emissions.

Writing in the Guardian, political commentator Heather Stewart said: “The Greens can sometimes struggle to get their voice heard during the campaign, and Lucas used her platform well.

“In particular, she skewered Boris Johnson’s claim that he will ‘get Brexit done’ in the new year, kicking off the debate by arguing ‘His oven-ready meal is made of chlorinated chicken and it will make us all sick. And when we arrive at the hospital, we’ll find it has been flogged off to Trump’s America.’