SINGER Bonnie Tyler is supporting an event to support homeless people.

Hundreds of people are expected to sleep outside at Hove Lagoon on Saturday (December 7) to highlight the plight of Homeless people.

The Big Sleep Out will see hundreds of people ditch their beds and brave the cold to sleep outside in a bid to raise money for the charity Sussex Homeless Support

The Welsh singer ,famous for her raspy voice and power ballads about heartbreak, has re-recorded one of her hits to support the Big Sleep Out.

The Hove event is one of several taking place simultaneously across the world.

Organisers of the New Zealand event reached out to the Total Eclipse of the Heart singer to ask her permission to use her song Streets of Stone - which is about a homeless woman in Paris - to reflect the current difficulties faced by rough sleepers around the world.

Bonnie has now re-recorded the song which will be performed as a giant karaoke singalong in Hove on Saturday.

She said: “It breaks my heart to see homeless people sleeping rough on the streets, so I wanted in some way to help. This lovely song captures a sad situation that we all can remedy if we open our hearts.”

Homeless campaigner Jim Deans, who is organising the Brighton Big Sleep Out, said: “The organisers of New Zealand Sleep Out asked Bonnie Tyler to re-record a track with some lyric changes, just like was done for the Diana song performed by Elton John.

“Bonnie was happy and for such a great cause close to her heart it happened, so Streets of Stone has been recorded and is on its way to us,why? Because Brighton will sing it and we will record the video to be sent to New Zealand and the rest of the world. “

Participants are urged to raise as much sponsorship as possible to help local and international charities supporting homeless people.

Half of the money raised at Hove Lagoon will go to Sussex Homeless Support. The other half will go to good causes helping displaced people across the world.

Fatboy Slim has already thrown his weight behind the event. As well as playing host at his Big Beach cafe at Hove Lagoon, the DJ, real name Norman Cook, who also lives nearby, will be giving the event his moral and financial support.

There will also be a stage which will host a variety of performances during the evening.

Organisers hope more than 500 people will take part.

The World’s Big Sleep Out Campaign was founded by Josh Littlejohn MBE, the co-founder of the charity Social Bite - based in Scotland.

He said: “By collectively sacrificing our beds for one cold night we can reach out a hand of compassion and solidarity with those who need it most – homeless people on our doorsteps.”

More than 50,000 people are expected to take part in similar events worldwide.

There are still spaces left for more people to sleep out.

If you would like take part email

For more information visit