GOGGLEBOX star Stephen Webb had fans in stitches after a confession about an interaction with his postman.

The hairdresser from Brighton was chatting to husband Daniel Lustig during Friday night’s episode of the Channel 4 show.

Sat in his living room, the 47-year-old: “Yesterday when you were at work I mopped all downstairs and I got out the feather duster and got all the cobwebs down.

“Had the music playing and the door went. The dogs were all going mad.

“So I answered the door, forgetting that I’m only in my pants, holding the feather duster.

“It was the postman and I had to sign for something in my knickers. Red ones as well.

“And when I opened to door to sign it one of the dogs shot out.

“So I ran out after to grab the dog because of the road.

The Argus:

The couple's Brighton house

“At the same time a neighbour drove past, saw me, bent over by the postman with a feather duster in my pants.”

Mr Lustig simply replied: “Oh God”.

Viewers of the popular show were quick to express their delight at the story.

One said: “I LOVE Stephen Webb. Can he come and live with me.”

Another said: “The couple from Brighton need to be in the show more, they are hilarious.”

A third added: “That postman story had me spit my tea out.”

Stephen also entertained viewers while watching Nicky Morgan’s in car crash interview over 50,000 new nurses.

The culture secretary struggled to defend the Conservative’s heavily criticised manifesto during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday.

When she came on the show, Stephen compared her to Richard III.

Stephen and Daniel own a salon together, Lustig and Webb, in Hurstpierpoint.

Stephen used to appear alongside his ex-lover Chris Butland-Steed, but Chris left the show in 2018.