KATIE Price broke her silence on her financial woes in her latest YouTube video shared on Friday - just days after she was declared bankrupt.

The reality star, 41, refused to answer "what is your net worth" during the 20-minute video titled "Katie Price Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions".

She instead said talking money was "unattractive" and no one knows what she's worth but her despite the recent court case surrounding her diminished fortune.

Katie was declared bankrupt at the Rolls Building in London on Tuesday after she failed to meet the terms of an agreement to repay her creditors.

She is now thought to be in debt of £800,000 after spending her £45million fortune.

Ducking the question in the video she said: "I hate talking money.

"I have never spoken about money. Everyone seems to know what I have got but guess what no one knows but me.

"It's really unattractive to talk about how much money you've got or not got or got. So that's the answer to that. Only I know."

Last month. Katie hired cleaners to clear out her "mucky mansion" in Horsham after giving fans on her YouTube channel an inside look of the property in the midst of renovations.

She currently has 70,000 subscribers and her latest video garnered 22,640 views.

In a bid to combat her financial woes Katie sold her beloved pink £75,000 Range Rover at auction and last week it emerged the luxury car was for sale at an Essex used car dealership in Chelmsford.

She has also been trying to sell her £300,000 pink horsebox.

JMW Solicitors, who represented the insolvency practitioner overseeing Katie's repayments, brought her case to court on Tuesday after she failed to stick to the terms of her Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA).

An IVA is a plan to repay creditors in smaller amounts to make debt more manageable - but Katie has been failing to pay the £12,000 a month.