A LABOUR hopeful may have “inadvertently” revealed Jeremy Corbyn’s position on a second, confirmatory Brexit referendum.

The leader of the opposition has not given his personal view towards the UK’s membership in the EU, often referring to Labour’s policy for a second referendum instead.

Speaking on BBC Radio5 Live, Emma Barnett said to Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the Labour candidate for Brighton Kemptown: “Jeremy Corbyn has obviously come under fire for not being able to give a straight answer as to how he would vote. Is it becoming untenable for Mr Corbyn not to answer that question?”

Russell-Moyle disagreed, and said the party’s policy was to negotiate a deal and if that deal manages to meet six tests the party laid out in the last election, then “Jeremy would probably say that is the one that he will go for”.

“If it doesn’t manage to meet those tests it will still be a Leave deal - it won’t be quite as good as a Leaver’s promise - and we will back Remaining,” he said, adding: “Jeremy will make his judgment when all of the facts are on the table.”

Barnett described the comments as “enlightening”, and questioned Russell-Moyle further on the claims.

“You’ve just said that if the deal achieves those six steps that he will campaign to leave in the confirmatory referendum, is that the case?” she asked.

Russell-Moyle said: “Maybe inadvertently. That is probably me extrapolating without confirmation. I haven’t confirmed with Jeremy.

“My assumption is if it meets those six tests he would support it.”