EXTINCTION Rebellion targeted election candidates from all parties to highlight the importance of the environment in the final countdown to polling day

Campaigners braved a sea swim in icy temperatures yesterday too highlight fears that much of the Sussex coastline will be under water by 2050.

Today the group will deliver children’s pictures of turtle doves to the offices of Labour, Lib Dem and Green candidates - asking them to pledge to support the endangered birds.

The first visit will be to Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s office in Woodingdean at 10am. They will later visit the Green Party and Liberal Democrat offices.

This evening the lighthouse from Extinction Rebellion’s light ship, Greta, will be stationed outside the Shoreham and East Worthing General Election Hustings, taking place at the Ropetackle Arts Centre, in Shoreham.

They said the stunt was to: “remind people that their vote should be used carefully, with the climate and ecological emergency at the core of their decision. This is particularly critical in Shoreham, because it’s at imminent threat of flooding.”

Hospital anaesthetist and Extinction Rebellion Brighton spokeswoman Felicity Pilkington, said: “We are taking these actions to help local people understand just how vulnerable we all are in the face of the climate and ecological crisis.

"It is so hard to face up to the danger we’re all in, but the brutal reality is that most environmental policies put forward by UK politicians are woefully inadequate.

“The science is clear. The climate and ecological crisis is here and happening faster than most scientists anticipated. We are already experiencing the effects of climate breakdown in this country - and it’s even worse in other parts of the world. Our basic infrastructure - like our food, transport and energy networks - are highly vulnerable.

“We are simply not prepared for what is happening, yet politicians are still failing to act. When people cast their vote, the climate crisis should be at the forefront of their minds.

“Every other issue is dependant upon its prioritisation.”

Further secretive demonstrations are planned for tomorrow.

Flash mobs with umbrellas will be highlighting the risk of flooding on Thursday and a mass die in is planned to be held in Churchill Square on Friday.