READING Spotlight Argus we had another reminder of the homelessness problem. As the commentators state, it is a complex issue.

If 100 new flats to live in were offered tomorrow to those sleeping on the streets of Brighton , would the problem be solved?

No, because many of those sleeping rough on the streets of Brighton are not from the locality.

Many come to Brighton because of factors including a milder climate than most other parts of the UK, the generosity and friendliness of the residents and let’s be honest it’s a nice interesting place to be, even if you are just people watching or relaxing on the Beach.

More people would soon arrive to bed down on the streets.

Every week hundreds of working persons have to re-locate themselves, often with families, around the UK and even parts of the world because their employment demands so.

Starting afresh in new towns and cities often with no friends, new schools, miles from their familiar surroundings. They do so, because it’s a responsible thing to do, where possible, to retain employment and pay your way.

So, if homeless people are offered safe, liveable accommodation in another town, I believe they should be grateful that they are being considered and looked after by society and take the offer up with some form of appreciation.

Of course everyone would like to live where they want to, around family and friends, but let’s get real.

It now takes over 1.5hrs to drive 25 miles from Eastbourne to Brighton in the rush hour morning to work, over an hour sometimes from Worthing, because so many people live in different towns to where they work.

The only way to help with this homelessness problem is to create much more supply of accommodation.

If the council was willing to sell some of the council owned land at a keen price, to institute backed companies, like Legal and General, specifically for Build to Rent only to LHA occupants, it would be a start.

These companies are investing entirely for return on investment, so if the numbers added up, they would listen.

A couple of new purpose built blocks of say 100 studio flats would immediately help those homeless with local connections.

If other towns and cities around the UK also had this in place, those here that are referred back to their own connected areas would have an option of a comfortable home.

One to three year tenancies granted to help the individuals get back on their feet, with support and then hopefully they will be back on the up and can free up those studio flats for those next to find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

Gordon White, Portslade