A VAN smashed head-on into a lampost after the driver failed to clear the ice from their windscreen.

The crash happened this morning leaving the white van badly damaged with a large dent in its bumber and bonnet.

Crawley Police shared an image of the crash and the iced up windscreen on social media as they warned drivers to be more vigilant in the cold weather.

The Argus:

A spokesman said: "It's not surprising this van was driven straight into a lamp post this morning when this is the view from the windscreen.

"Driver reported for the offence.

"Please make sure you take extra time to clear windows and mirrors before driving off."

Sussex is currently under a level two cold weather alert from the Met Office with resident urged to be "alert and ready".

A spokesman said: "There is a 60 per cent probability of severe cold weather between 6am on Tuesday and 9am on Thursday.

"This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services."