I REFER to the letter from Councillor Pete West and others regarding Park and Ride (Argus letters, December 2).

It is a great shame this has become a political issue. The main benefit from a Park and Ride scheme would be to reduce the number of car journeys coming into the city from outside.

Sadly there is virtually no prospect of most rural areas justifying frequent bus services into Brighton that would be attractive enough to encourage people to give up their cars.

Cycling and walking may be good for short trips in the city, but they are not such a realistic option for longer journeys.

Those who drive into Brighton for work, study or for leisure contribute a huge amount to our local economy but they should be discouraged from driving further than they have to.

A small Park and Ride has existed for years at Withdean. Opponents of Park and Ride claim Withdean is used by some local people, but that is due to its poor location in a residential area.

The 27 bus is not an express service so it doesn’t appeal to many motorists. A more effective park and ride site would be much larger and further out, accessed from main roads only.

A location near the A23/A27 junction would enable drivers to park outside the built-up area.

They could be taking a modern electric bus non-stop into the city centre passing other vehicles along continuous bus lanes, with priority at traffic lights, easing congestion and reducing emissions. This is not a fantasy. It is a realistic solution to our transport problems and with co-operation between the council and the National Park it could happen, quickly.

most park & ride in the UK is at rail stations, making it easier for people to use the most sustainable mode for the main part of their journey. An anti-park & ride policy ignores reality and encourages unnecessarily long car journeys.

Andrew Boag, Chairman, Brighton Area Buswatch, Marine Parade, Brighton