A FORMER MP has called for scandal-stricken Prince Andrew to be stripped of his royal title.

Norman Baker, who represented Lewes in Parliament for 18 years, called the royal a “national embarrassment” and said he should be stripped of the “His Royal Highness” title.

The title means the prince can use public money to fund his transport and security, something Mr Baker railed against.

“He has become unacceptable as any sort of representative for this country,” said the former Lib Dem MP.

“We shouldn’t be giving him any indication he represents this country.

“He shouldn’t be lauded with the HRH title.

“Diana lost it after she divorced, so why shouldn’t Prince Andrew?

“He should become a private citizen.”

The prince has been dogged by recent revelations including his friendship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

A Mail on Sunday investigation also alleged he had exploited his role as UK trade envoy to promote a super-rich bank owned by friend David Rowland.

Former MP Mr Baker said Prince Andrew should not have access to public money considering his previous spending on travel.

The royal was dubbed “Air Miles Andy” for racking up almost £620,000 in travel bills by 2010, all paid for by the Treasury.

“The HRH title means he gets access to money for his private jet,” Mr Baker said.

“The public should not be paying for him.”

The former MP said the Royal Family desperately needs to change in the wake of the Epstein scandal.

He said financial information about the family needed to be out in the open.

“What doesn’t bend will break,” Mr Baker said.

“The Royal Family needs to modernise themselves.

“The reason Prince Andrew got away with what he got away with was because freedom of information doesn’t apply to the Royal Family.

“Change is long overdue.”

In his new book And What Do You Do?, the former MP also called for the size of the Royal Family to be drastically reduced.

“We pay almost half a million pounds for Princess Alexandra’s security,” he said.

“Does anyone even know who she is?

“On the front cover of my book are 44 people on the Buckingham Palace balcony. What are they all there for?

“It should be the Queen and Prince Philip, Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan at a stretch.”

The Royal Family was contacted for comment but did not respond before print.