AN AWARD-winning garden designer has been picked to create another Chelsea show garden.

Joe Perkins, of Brighton, has been commissioned to create a garden sponsored by Facebook at next year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Joe, who won a gold medal at this year’s prestigious flower show will create his garden called Growing The Future in Chelsea’s coveted Main Avenue in May next year.

Joe, 42, said his garden was inspired by the British countryside and will use timber to reflect the threat of climate change.

He said: “Our woodlands are so important for protecting our planet, they’re complex ecosystems that are vital to our everyday lives. However, work needs to be accelerated on how we can utilise these to help society and the environment flourish together in the future. I’m especially keen to highlight how important it is to plant ecologically relevant trees that encourage genetic diversity and help bolster our wildlife heritage.

“I’m excited to be working with Facebook and the National Forest to bring this important issue into the forefront. Getting people engaged is the first step. I hope that by visiting the garden and hearing inspiring stories from community groups, more people will take action to create and look after our woodlands for the future.”

Joe’s garden will flag up the importance of increasing the UK’s tree cover in an effort to combat climate change and tackle deforestation. He will create a 6m timber canopy at the heart of it.

Its delicately latticed shape is designed to reflect the shape of fungi – which are vital to the health and wellbeing of a forest.

The naturalistic garden will also feature a rolling meadow, woodland, trees and shrubs.

Chelsea newcomer Joe scooped three awards in his debut year, including a gold medal, best construction and best in category.

Facebook vice president Steve Hatch said: “With award-winning landscape architect Joe Perkins in charge for a second year, we’re looking forward not only to seeing another stunning garden, but one that inspires people to think about how to protect, celebrate and get outside to enjoy Britain’s beautiful woodland.”

John Everitt, chief executive of the National Forest, said: “We believe in the power of trees to transform people’s lives and the landscape. Groups of volunteers actively caring for woodlands in the National Forest will be on hand helping to create The Facebook Garden: Growing the Future. We are thrilled to be raising the profile of this approach with Facebook and Joe Perkins.”