A FRAUDSTER who conned investors out of thousands then fled the country has been ordered to pay victims.

Alan Bristowe, 64, is serving a six and a half year prison sentence for six counts of fraud.

He had tricked people with the “Ponzi” fund and had made £891,000, living a “lavish” lifestyle on the cash.

Police made an application under the Proceeds of Crime Act, and Bristowe appeared at Brighton Crown Court.

It was revealed he still had £189,000 in assets, including a property in Montenegro, cash, and jewellery.

Bristowe, of Church Street, Ticehurst, was ordered to pay the value of the identified assets back within three months, or face an extra 18 months in prison and still have to pay.

Detective Inspector Mark O’Brien said Bristowe took money for three years while trading as Moose Consultancy.

He offered a percentage returns but never provided the cash.

When asked for money, he wrote cheques that bounced and fled.

DI O’Brien said police will continue to check if he has hidden any more assets so that victims can be paid