A BILLION-POUND wind farm has finally reopened after a technical fault took a month to repair.

Rampion Wind Farm off the Sussex coast had been shut since October 26 because of a problem with the power supply.

The project, which generates enough electricity for 350,000 homes, is back online after repairs finished on Wednesday.

But it will not be fully operational until the end of the month as each of the 116 turbines needs to be checked.

A spokeswoman for the wind farm said Rampion was carrying out “pre-emptive work” on another power cable to ensure another fault did not happen.

“Our engineers have successfully repaired a joint on one of our onshore high voltage cables which has allowed us to return the windfarm to operation,” she said.

“Work also continues at the offshore sub-station.

“We are running re-commissioning checks on each turbine in turn to ensure they are in perfect running order before starting them up.

“You will start to see more and more of them turning. The whole wind farm will be fully operational by the end of the month.”