WHERE does your water come from?

Most people probably do not know or care as long as it comes out of the tap.

You can imagine the water industry is a hard one for companies to stand out in as most water supposedly tastes the same.

But Chichester firm South Downs Water has challenged that.

“Water can absolutely taste different depending on where it comes from,” said Amanda Duquenoy, head of business development.

“Some restaurants are even hiring water sommeliers.

“Because our water is filtered through chalk under the Downs, it’s completely pure and natural.

“It’s naturally filtered so it goes straight into the bottle.

“It’s very rich, high in calcium and low in sodium so it’s good for you too.”

The company’s well under the Downs was first used by American pilots during the Second World War.

After the war it was closed down, then briefly reopened to supply an ice factory before it closed again.

But it wasn’t until one worker made a lucky discovery that South Downs Water was founded 30 years ago.

“A family bought the land and didn’t know there was a water well on the site,” Ms Duquenoy said.

“Eventually one of their employees found it and thought ‘we could bottle this’.

“It was a chance happening.”

South Downs Water has now been named the best mineral water supplier in the South by Luxlife magazine.

Managing director Will Windsor said: “The last year has proved to be another fantastic year for South Downs Water and 2020 is set to be the busiest year yet.”

And its water is used by MasterChef winner Kenny Tutt at his Pitch restaurant in Worthing, as well as Goodwood racecourse and the Giggling Squid franchise.

“At Goodwood the water has moved four miles from the spring to people’s glasses,” said business chief Ms Duquenoy.

“Why would you get filtered water that’s come all the way from Fiji when you could get great water locally?”