SCHOOLS in Brighton and Hove will lose £221 per pupil on average if the Conservatives win the General Election, a union has claimed.

Meanwhile they are set to gain £183 per student on average if Labour are elected, the National Education Union said.

The union calculated how Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem policies would affect each school in the city.

Brighton and Hove union secretary Paul Shellard said parents should “do their homework” before they vote on December 12.

“More than 81 per cent of schools in Brighton and Hove would still be less funded in real terms than in 2015 if the Conservatives win the election,” he said.

“They will all get significantly more money if Labour forms the next Government.

“We don’t tell people who to vote for.

“But we would ask them to do their homework before they vote.”

The union, working as part of the School Cuts Coalition campaign group, has created a website where parents can see how their children’s schools will be funded under different parties.

Its research also revealed schools in Brighton and Hove would have been £8 better off this year if funding cuts had not been made by the Government since 2010.

And the union claimed 5,257 pupils in the city are in classes of more than 30 children.

“The information is clear for every parent, teacher, head teacher and member of school staff,” Mr Shellard said.

“On our website, they can immediately see how the funding for their school depends on who forms the next Government.

“We are asking people to vote for education.”

To find out how your child’s school could be affected by the next Government, visit