THE Sussex coast has some of the most stunning landscapes in our entire country. I have enjoyed many fantastic walks along its cliffs and beaches.

Unfortunately though, Worthing, Shoreham, and Brighton and Hove, have been held back by nearly a decade of damaging cuts to vital services under the Conservatives.

If those cuts continue to be baked in to government plans under the Conservatives, then four years from now NHS patients in Brighton and Hove will have lost the equivalent of 1,700 GPs from our local health service. That kind of underfunding, along with the threat of our NHS being sold out to US Corporations in a toxic trade deal between Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and Donald Trump, should worry us all about their intentions for our NHS.

A Labour government will fund our NHS properly. We will never let this country’s most precious institution be sold off or opened up to takeover by US corporations.

That’s why Labour has a different plan for Brexit. We would negotiate a jobs-first deal and put that back to the people. A clear choice between a credible Leave deal and remaining in the EU. It’s as simple as that. We would never risk our economy or our vital public services by supporting Boris Johnson’s reckless sell-out deal.

With our fully costed plan for Britain we will invest in health and social care, free and fast broadband, and hi-tech green industries to revive communities which have been so badly let down.

That Green Industrial Revolution will both rebuild our economy so that it works for the many, and not just the wealthy few - and tackle the climate and environmental emergency. It will make the South East wealthier and healthier by investing £19 billion in the region, including in new wind farms along the South coast, with their profits being reinvested in nearby towns.

Our plan for Britain will see an investment blitz on a scale not witnessed since the Second World War. We did it then, and we can do it again – real change is possible to bring wealth and pride to our communities.

To ensure people can take full advantage of the new jobs that this investment will create, Labour will create a National Education Service, providing education to people from cradle to grave as a right, not a privilege. That will mean new opportunities for adults to train and retrain, free university tuition, and serious improvements to our children’s schools.

Conservative cuts have forced some teachers to write begging letters to parents, just so schools can access basic stationary. The next Labour government will value our children’s education, with maximum class sizes of 30, free school meals in primary schools, and more investment in special educational needs.

When I travel to the Sussex coast, I always try to come by train. What should be an easy and pleasant journey through the South Downs is too often a tortuous and overpriced slog on trains that are overcrowded and delayed.

Labour will bring our railways into public ownership, allowing us to cut season ticket fares by a third, and improve capacity on the Brighton mainline. And for those who usually take the bus, we will put serious investment into new bus routes, as well as walking and cycling.

Walk down many high streets in Britain, and you will witness the shocking problem of homelessness. People from a wide range of backgrounds, men and women, forces veterans, even some who are in work, are forced to sleep in shop doorways.

We’re a rich country, and it doesn’t have to be this way. So Labour will end rough sleeping across the country. In the South East our housing programme will mean 24,000 much needed new council and social homes a year by the end of the parliament. This, along with our plans to control rents, will make a huge difference to renters in Sussex, where rents are some of the highest in the country.

This is all part of Labour’s fully costed plan for Britain, with no rise in tax rates for anyone earning less than £80,000. But we will ask the giant corporations and the top 5 per cent to pay their fair share. We will stop the government putting money into the pockets of billionaires and start putting money into everybody else’s pockets instead.

That will be carried out by the whole Labour party and movement. I’d like to pay tribute to our local MPs here - both are brilliant parliamentarians, and both have also used their platforms to talk about important personal issues. Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s powerful Commons speech, in which he came out as HIV positive, moved us all. And Peter Kyle’s tweets about struggling with dyslexia really opened up our eyes, both about how he does the great work he does - and about the abuse he suffers.

On December 12 we have a once in a generation chance to make real change with a government that is on your side. Together, we can break down the barriers the wealthy few have built up that hold back the many. We’ll make sure that no community in Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Shoreham or anywhere across our country is held back or left behind.