A LABOUR supporter was shocked when his door was attacked by thugs in the middle of the night – days after he put up party posters in his window.

Hove resident David Hawthorne was woken at 4am by two loud bangs.

When he went downstairs, he found the stained glass in his front door had been kicked in.

“I thought it was a sonic boom from fighter jets like what happened in London,” the 67-year-old said.

“But the glass had been kicked in.

“It’s going to cost hundreds to replace.

“It cost £300 when I bought it ten years ago.

“I’d hate to think how much it will cost now.

The loyal Labour voter, who lives in Titian Road, said he believed the thugs were politically motivated.

“I’ve lived here 23 years and I’ve never had anything like that,” Mr Hawthorne said.

“You wouldn’t expect something like this in Hove.

“Then my posters went up and this happened.

“I will not be intimidated by these scum.

“I’m not going to take the posters down, I won’t let these people win.”

Mr Hawthorne, who is retired, said he was shocked by Friday’s incident and worried about rising political violence in the country.

“Politics in this country is toxic right now,” he said.

“Violence really seems to be a problem with the right wing now.

“The right wing has whipped up an atmosphere of such toxic intolerance that thugs believe that they are licensed to use violence on those who they think are their enemies.

“I won’t let these people win.”

Peter Kyle, Labour Parliamentary candidate in Hove, said Britain was “struggling to confront” political violence.

“Populism has never been a part of our politics before now,” he said.

“We as a country are struggling to confront it.

“But we will never be cowed into stopping freedom of expression of political belief.

“That’s what all of us are fighting back against.

“To anyone who has had property damaged, I’m sorry.

“It needs to be investigated and those who did it need to be brought to justice.”

The matter has been reported to police but officers were unable to comment at this stage.