STEVE Coogan is urging people to vote tactically in a bid to oust the Conservatives.

The comedian visited the hotly contested Lewes seat yesterday to back Liberal Democrat candidate Oli Henman.

In front of a crowd of about 100 activists, he said: “I’m here today as a traditional Labour supporter. 

“In this constituency where I live and across the country, we need to defeat the Tories by any means necessary.

“I’ll be voting for Oli on Thursday because that’s the smartest thing to do.”

Conservative Maria Caulfield has held the seat since 2015. 

In 2015, she beat Liberal Democrat’s Norman Baker, who previously held the seat by about 1,000 votes.

In 2017, beat Liberal Democrat Kelly-Marie Blundell by about 5,000 votes. 

Labour’s Daniel Chapman gained 6,060 votes in that election.

Mr Coogan, who spent time knocking on doors in the constituency, said: “People who have spent all their lives with one party are looking at their constituency and thinking ‘what’s the best tactical choice’ – I urge everyone here to vote Liberal. 

“This time we need to look at the things we have in common, progressive values not insular values, not xenophobic values but people coming together and working together.”

Oli Henman, addressing the crowd, said: “We are fighting a very close battle to take this seat from the Tories. 

“We are fighting for a fairer, more democratic, more sustainable future.

“I have been incredibly humbled and grateful, that so many of you have been out with me over the last few weeks.

“This election here could go down to the wire. 

“So, I’m incredibly grateful that we have Steve Coogan here with us today. 

“People in our constituency who are thinking of voting Labour or voting for the Greens, can now see by voting Liberal Democrat, we have a real chance to get the Conservatives out.”