A SINGING barber who had a heart attack while performing is back and ready to belt out some Christmas classics.

Peter Joannou, 51, suffered a heart attack on the balcony above his shop during the summer while singing for crowds in Ship Street, Brighton.

The barber, who has been entertaining shoppers for nearly seven years, has praised the “angels” at the NHS who have nursed him back to health.

And on December 21 he is planning to take to the balcony for his first big show since the heart attack.

Mr Joannou said: “About 20 minutes before I finished my set I had a sudden shortness of breath and I couldn’t work out what it was.

“I dismissed it and carried on but I felt very odd.

“I waved goodbye from my window and went downstairs to talk to friends and it was getting worse.”

An ambulance was called for Mr Joannou, who was then taken to hospital.

Staff at the Royal Sussex County Hospital quickly diagnosed that Mr Joannou had suffered a heart attack and performed a medical procedure to unblock an artery.

He then stayed for 72 hours while being looked after in the cardio ward.

Speaking about the NHS, he said: “I can’t tell you how lucky we are, my experience was absolutely flawless.

“Treatment like this is priceless.

“The only way I could sum them up it to call them angels, it sounds a bit corny, but it’s true.”

He said the “phenomenal” aftercare team has helped him get back on his feet.

The singing barber will be back on his balcony, on Saturday December 21 for a festive special.

All proceeds will be going to the Sussex Heart Charity and Stroke UK.

Thanking his fans for the support, Mr Joannou said: “I sat in hospital reading everyone’s messages – it was very touching.”