A FURNITURE designer has moved her workshop to the coast to create furnishings in touch with nature.

Award-winning craftswoman Liv Cornall has opened her design studio in Brighton where she plans to “invite the natural world into your home” with her designs based on nature.

From “wavy” oak coffee tables based on the roll of the sea to a spiral wine case designed to look like a snail’s shell, all of Ms Cornall’s creations take inspiration from the natural world.

“In a tech-obsessed society, closeness to the tangible beauty of nature can provide a feeling of serenity and solidity, offering perspective in our busy lives,” the Nottingham Trent university graduate said.

“My work invites the essence of the natural world into your home to encourage a similar feeling.”

Ms Cornall worked for design studios in Italy, Somerset, and London before setting up her own studio in Hampshire.

Now happily based in Brighton, the designer is using Sussex wood to create her furniture.

And she finishes her creations with a blend of natural oils and wax to enhance the materials.

Ms Cornall still uses some of the cabinet-making tools her grandfather used decades ago.

But it is the county’s countryside that has inspired her the most.

“I see the curve of the sea waves and it reminds me of the curve of the rolling hills or a curly wood grain, then the image becomes a piece of furniture,” Ms Cornall said.

“Everything in nature is linked so some people relate my work to the beach when others see countryside.

“I love that it means something different to everyone.”

With an award from Channel 4 show Grand Designs under her belt, Ms Cornall hopes to make a splash.

Visit livcornall.com for more.