A CAMPAIGNER says she is “chuffed” after the council agreed to install speed limit signs following a crash on her street.

Sandra Bernstein, 70, who lives in Windlesham Avenue, Hove, has been pushing for traffic calming measures for years and said 20mph is too fast. 

She is delighted the council has agreed to adopt some of her suggestions.

She explained the council has agreed to install traffic roundels – speed limit signs painted on the road – and “additional signage”.

Sandra said she had been told this would divert HGVs at either end of the street.

Nonetheless Sandra believes the street’s speed limit is still too high, and should be reduced. She said: “20mph is too fast. It should be lowered to 15mph. 

“There was nearly another accident two weeks ago. A car came down by the crossroads going around 25mph and nearly didn’t stop when another car came along. It was nearly carnage again. 

“I don’t know whether 20mph is too fast on other streets in Brighton as well. Cars go bombing down Montpelier Road, which is a 20mph zone, at 50mph. I’ve seen them.”

Sandra initially suggested installing speed cameras and bumps on Windlesham Avenue.

She said: “Cars come by at terrible speeds. They’re so dangerous. Traffic bombs down this street an something should have been done about this a long time ago.

She said she was glad the council had now listened to her.

But she said: “We’re not there yet. 

“When it all arrives I can be congratulated, if that’s not too strong a word.

" I’ll have done my bit for the people who live around here. I don’t do it for me.” 

Sandra added: “People who live in my block of sheltered housing, Vernon Court, are petrified to cross the road.  “There’s a partially blind woman who lives in our building and every time I see her cross the road it terrifies me."

Sandra said the problem started several years ago. “About six years ago all the traffic was diverted down here after the Seven Dials roundabout renovation”, she said.

“For some stupid reason there are lorries, coaches and buses coming up this small road.”

A spokeswoman from the council said: “In response to residents’ concerns about road safety, we will be providing additional signage to remind drivers of the 20mph speed limit on this road.”

Six years ago, Brighton and Hove City Council introduced a 20mph speed limit in most residential streets in Brighton in a bid to cut the number of accidents.