A DAD-of-three who previously admitted that work is “not in his psyche” has now revealed he’s using his housing benefit to build an off-grid home.

Matt Allen lives with his wife Adele and their three children, eight-year-old Ulysses, Ostara, four, and baby Kai, in the Queen’s Road aread of Brighton, working just a few hours a week as a yoga teacher.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, full time mother Adele said that her husband has no intention of finding full-time work in the future, while Matt stated that they were using their benefits to save up and build a “remote” home and live off nature.

The family have caused controversy in the past for admitting that they let all three children co-sleep with them, decide what they want to eat and have no fixed bed time, as well as shunning mainstream medicine and vaccinations.

In 2016, the family caused a storm on This Morning when daughter Ostara, then one, urinated on the set of This Morning while the family were being interviewed, prompting viewers to call social services about their parenting style.

Matt told that he and Adele want to eventually relocate from their house and live off-grid, making their own food and building their own shelter.

Matt said: “We are using housing benefit as a way to get there.”

Adele added: “He does not plan to become employed by a company as such, but has every intention of doing more freelance work”, before claiming that he wishes to make money give talks on “health and well being”.

Earlier this year, the family appeared on Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over documentary series in which the presenter stayed with the Allen family at their council property for three days in a bid to learn more about their unique lifestyle.

The yoga instructor said he doesn’t feel that he’s abusing the social housing system because his family’s lives have a “minimalist impact on society”.

Asking how he affords to provide for his family while working just a few hours a week, Dooley asked: “How do you do it all Matt, is it all benefits?”

He responded: “Mostly, mostly, but we claim the very bottom line.”

When asked whether he felt he was taking advantage of system, he says: “Do we feel as if we’re abusing the system? I really don’t think we are, because we have a minimalist impact on society in many respects.

“”In regards to social systems - schools and the NHS - we save money on that. Adele didn’t have births at hospital, so we saved money on that.

“So in our own unique weird wonderful way we balance the books.”

Stacey quizzed Matt: “You think it’s justified they [local authority] pay the rent?”

He replied: “I’m not saying it’s justified they pay the rent - it’s just that it is that situation at the moment - it is what it is.”

Stacey then put it to Matt that many parents, who want to spend time at home with their children, have to go to work to provide for them.

When asked what he would say to those parents, Matt replied: “Spend more time with your kids - it’s simple. I have no intention of working a 45 or 50 hour week - it’s just not in my psyche.”