A LOVING father died after a “freak accident” while celebrating at Brighton Pride.

Kyle Millard fell down the stairs of flats in Hove and cut his neck on a wine bottle he was carrying in the early hours.

He has left behind his partner, Cami, and two sons Hugo, 4, and Oscar, 8.

His father, Ken Millard, said: “He was a good son with two lovely children and his partner, Cami.

“They are obviously our main concern now.

“He was a good dad, just the day before he and his family were on the beach in Lancing.

“Kyle was a very bright lad and he also liked to party, he knew how to have a good time.

“This was just a tragic accident.”

The 39-year-old had only visited Brighton after receiving a last minute invite from friends to go to Brighton and Hove Pride.

During the night of August 4, he split off from his friends and agreed to meet them at a house in Hove, where one of them lived.

But the website designer from Haywards Heath resident, who did not know the city particularly well, became lost and ended up at a set of flats in Cambridge Road, Hove.

He had been buzzed in by another resident at about 3am and Coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley said it was believed he had gone to the top floor to check if it was the right address, before falling on his way back down.

She said: “He appears to have fallen and he was holding a glass bottle which has broken in the fall.

“Unfortunately, the bottle has broken and caused a laceration in his neck.

“It all seemed a little odd at the beginning, but now the situation is very tragic, but clear.”

Kyle was found at the foot of the stairs in a communal hallway by two residents of the property, who said he was “bleeding heavily and unresponsive”.

Ambulance crews were called at 3.42am and arrived within five minutes.

But, despite attempting resuscitation and administering adrenalin in an attempt to restart his heart, he was pronounced dead at 4.38am.

Miss Hamilton-Deeley said: “By the time he was found and the ambulance arrived, the wound had stopped bleeding and I think, by that stage, the damage had been done.

“It obviously happened very suddenly.

“I think it was an absolutely freak way in which Kyle was injured.”

A toxicology report showed he had “no drugs on board except alcohol”.

A post-mortem examination also gave no evidence to suggest he had been attacked and police said they were “satisfied no one else was involved”.

Paramedics described the bottle as seeming to be still in tact.

Miss Hamilton-Deeley said: “The bottom of the bottle appeared to have sheared off completely and he appears to have cut himself on that.

“We know he was holding the wine in one hand and it is likely he was holding his phone in the other.”

Miss Hamilton-Deeley recorded the cause of death as hypovolemic shock, a life-threatening loss of blood, due to a cut on the side of the neck.

She said this was “the result of an accident”.

His father said that Kyle had been looking forward starting a job with The Argus on August 19, but was a bit disappointed it would be on his 40 birthday.

In the 999 call, Kyle was described to paramedics as “a man in his 20s”, which his father said was something that would have made him smile.