“SHALL I give them another merry Brexit?”

The team nods in agreement. Hove’s Brexit Party candidate Angela Hancock fires up the megaphone and lets out another battle cry.

“Merry Brexit Tesco shoppers”.

I’m inside the Brexit Party’s ‘battlewagon’, the family car the party is using to bring its campaign to the streets of Brighton and Hove.

The roof is decked out with a portrait of Nigel Farage, one of Angela herself, a radio-operated megaphone, bunting, and a Union Jack.

Apparently the car has done so many laps of Hove, the flags have been torn and replaced several times.

The team inside are proud of their vehicle. Angela said: “It’s really helping. The mainstream media are trying to eclipse us, but you can’t eclipse this battle wagon.

“It’s loud, it’s visual, and it really works.

“Would you like to hear the music?”

A rock riff rings out. As we roll by, pedestrians gape. One comes up to congratulate Angela. Another makes a rude hand gesture.

The car belongs to Keith Wells, who sits behind the wheel wearing a blue Brexit Party rosette. He has been driving the car across three constituencies, from Hove and Kemptown to Portsmouth South.

He said: “It’s an old-fashioned idea. Many people are shocked because they haven’t seen this kind of campaigning for years.”

“We get people coming up and giving us the V for victory. There are a lot of rude hand gestures too. We had one woman come up to the car and stick her tongue out. But we just laugh.”

Angela said: “We have good fun in the wagon. Despite the gestures, we quite enjoy it”.

“Shall I press play again?” she asks.

A chant erupts from the megaphone. From the back seat, I get a blast of: “…better local services…vote Brexit party… safeguard our democracy and sovereignty”.

Angela warns me to watch out as I leave the wagon. People might think I’m associated with it.