MASSIVE queues have formed outside polling stations in Brighton on election day, with one woman claiming his was "15 times busier" than in 2017.

One woman said she was queueing for 35 minutes outside her polling station, which was the busiest she had seen it in 20 years of voting there.

Polls close at 10pm, and many people would have been hoping to tick their preferred box before heading to work.


Schools, churches and other buildings were freed up today in the calendar for the December 12 election - the first since 1923 to be held in this month.

"I've never seen a queue at my polling station but there was this morning," one voter wrote, adding: "We nearly got blown away outside but nice and dry in the queue."

Another said: "I wouldn't be surprised if there's record turnout everywhere this election.

"Just seen an old lady who can barely walk cast her vote at an extremely busy Hove Rugby Club polling station."

A third added: "Amazing stuff in Brighton. I reckon my polling station is 15 times busier than when I voted in 2017."

Another voter wrote: "Noticeable this morning that the polling station at Hove Town Hall was busier than I've ever seen it."