A RESTAURANT has been recognised as one of the best in the country for tackling food waste.

Japanese restaurant Moshimo in Brighton came fourth in a national ranking of small green businesses made by the app Too Good To Go, which allows customers to buy unsold food from restaurants.

Moshimo, which serves vegan as well as fish sushi, claims it has cut its food waste almost to nothing.

A spokesman for the restaurant said: “We seek to eliminate food waste from our operations.

“We’ve partnered with Too Good To Go, which allows people to purchase our left-over food at a discounted price.

“This simple partnership has allowed us to reduce our food waste to virtually zero.

“We want to see food waste reduced countrywide and have partnered with both local council and Government food waste programmes to make this happen, helping other restaurants with their food waste plans.”

Too Good To Go’s list was calculated by identifying the businesses that saved the most meals from going to waste in 2019 from the ten biggest food waste-fighting cities in the UK.

Between them, the top ten businesses saved almost 25,000 meals from going to waste in 2019, according to the app.

Moshimo tackles waste in other ways too. It has pioneered a practice called “nose-to-tail eating”, where everything that is cooked is used.

The restaurant said: “Nose-to-tail eating is the simple principle of using the entirety of anything you cook, whether it’s animal or plant, thereby minimising food waste.

This is great news in and of itself, but it brings with it exciting, experimental and unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Moshimo, in Bartholomew Square, bills itself as “Brighton’s most sustainable restaurant”.

It said: “We aim to source foods with limited packaging and make many of our drinks in-house to avoid packaging and waste.

“Where we do use materials, we put recyclability and biodegradability as priorities, such as our cellulose straws and wooden chopsticks.”

As he revealed the top independent stores, Jamie Crummie, co-founder of Too Good To Go UK, said: “Independent partners are the backbone of our UK business.

“When I first started knocking on the doors of restaurants and retailers back in 2015, it was independents that were first to take the leap into fighting food waste with us.

“That’s why it is important that we recognise their contribution to the efforts to prevent perfectly edible food ending up in the bin.”

According to the app, the top ten independent food waste fighting stores are:

1. Yakinori, Birmingham

2. Simple Health Kitchen, London

3. Tai Pan Oriental Buffet, Liverpool

4. Moshimo

5. Hendersons, Edinburgh

6. Leeds Red Hot

7. Taste of Napoli, Bristol

8. Jerk Shack NQ, Manchester

9. Pettigrew Bakeries, Cardiff

10. China Buffet King, Glasgow.