A FUMING customer says he will never go to McDonald’s again after he claims he was served a mouldy burger bun.

Nathan Peters and his girlfriend Samantha Borrer ordered a meal through Uber Eats to her Brighton address but said he was horrified when it arrived “cold and mouldy”.

The 23-year-old said: “We received it an hour late.

“We opened up two burgers and they were fine.

“But then we opened up a third one and turned it over.

“The underneath had mould on it, it was absolutely disgusting.”

Nathan, who lives in Portslade, said he went straight down to the McDonald’s branch in London Road, Brighton, on December 4 to complain.

He said: “They told me there was nothing they could do about it.

“I showed them the picture and took the burger down there as well.

“I was fuming, I very nearly lost my temper.

“They were just refusing to do anything about it.”

Nathan and Samantha said they “have been put off” the restaurant chain.

Nathan said: “We used to use it quite often but we are not going to use it at all any more.

“It’s not what you expect from a restaurant, especially one with a five star hygiene rating.

“Serving a mouldy burger bun is not a five star thing to do.

“I would expect them to, at least, provide a new burger or some sort of compensation.

“My partner was looking for an apology.

“I phoned head office and put in a formal complaint.”

He said they had received a refund from Uber but had been told this was “because the food was late and not because of the mould”.

A spokesman for McDonald’s said: “We received a complaint via telephone to our London Road restaurant.

“Upon receipt of this complaint the shift manager immediately conducted an investigation, carrying out a thorough review of our stock, checking dates and looking for any signs of mould on our buns.

“No issues were found within the stock.

“Following the telephone complaint, the customer arrived at the restaurant.

“Unfortunately, the customer refused to leave any personal details or provide the bun so that we could look into their complaint further.”