The Maydays were keen to prove their improvisation was genuine after The Argus previously cast doubt on them.

I was asked to write down a topic and bring it along in a sealed envelopepe.

My topic was Amy Winehouse and from it came a brilliant off-the-cuff musical set in a Spanish vinyard that Amy had drunk dry.

The improvisation is real. The songs are funny and flawless and through what must be finely-tuned leadership and trust, The Maydays managed to tell a story which had a beginning, a middle and an end.

The rest of the two-hour set was mainly on-stage drama practice techniques.

The Maydays also presented a ten-minute sketch about a trustafarian on day release who couldn't pack a picnic.

What's impressive is that these practice techniques might make a group of thespians laugh but it takes real talent to make an outside audience find it funny - and the Maydays did.