A MOTHER of three is desperate to move out of her council house as doctors say she needs a new home “as soon as possible”.

Kady Cain said her council flat on the Bates Estate in Brighton is not a good place to raise daughters Pia, Zaraya and Romaine.

She is “constantly” fighting black mould.

And she has had to cover an air vent in her kitchen because of a bluebottle fly infestation.

“There were about 70 flying around, they were everywhere. It was like a warzone,” the 32-year-old said.

“I was shouting ‘get down’ to my daughters.

“I just want to get my children out of here.

“It’s not a good place to start their lives.

“My mental health has been affected, I’ve lost two and a half stone because of this.

“I’ve got letters from my doctors saying I need to be moved out of here as soon as possible.”

Ms Cain’s two-year-old Romaine has begun wheezing and was prescribed steroids by doctors.

She worries the mould and damp in her flat is making Romaine’s condition worse.

“The mould’s in every single room and the windows steam up every night,” Ms Cain said.

“I try and scrub it away but it comes right back after a couple of weeks.

“I’m trying to bid for new houses but I haven’t been able to because nothing’s suitable.”

Ms Cain has sent Brighton and Hove City Council two doctor’s letters urging housing officers to move her out “as soon as possible”.

One read: “This lady suffers with anxiety and this is not helped by her housing conditions.

“In view of her medical problems and those of her kids, please move her to more suitable housing ASAP.”

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas said housing shortages in Brighton mean some residents are living in “overcrowded and unsuitable accommodation”.

“I regularly hear from residents desperate to move to safe and secure homes, and others struggling to get their landlords to carry out essential repairs and maintenance,” she said.

A council spokeswoman said it recognised Ms Cain needed a bigger house.

She said: “We have encouraged her to bid for alternative social housing on Homemove.

“According to our records, Ms Cain has not placed any bids for properties since February. Surveyors have previously visited the property and found no evidence of visible mould in any areas they were able to inspect.”