A RE-ELECTED MP pledged he would fight Conservatives in Parliament, in courts and in the streets during fiery speech.

Labour's Lloyd Russell-Moyle was voted to represent Brighton Kemptown after last night's election count at the Brighton centre. 

In the controversial acceptance speech, in which he was heckled with boos from Conservative voters and heralded with cheers from Labour supporters, Mr Russell-Moyle said: “The Conservative Party have an aim to break up our country.


“An aim to destroy our NHS, and we say no.

The Argus:

“We will fight them in the Parliament, we will fight them in the courts, we will fight them in the workplaces and we will fight them in the streets. 

“They will not destroy our county. Thank you, Kemptown."

Speaking after the speech, Conservative Joe Miller, who had hoped to unseat Mr Russell-Moyle, branded the speech "toxic". 

Adding it was not aligned with the "kinder, gentler politics" promise by Jeremy Corbyn.