Concorde 2


I'M no rap expert so I took a19-year-old relative with me to help on this one.

I’m an old 90s’ kid. Stone Roses, Oasis, Primal Scream. Guitar music. Then we had the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys and I’m thinking when is the next big band going to come along?

But of course that’s not how it works. When the Frank Sinatra and Elvis fans were looking for a replacement it wasn’t going to be in the same style. In came The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Then of course we had disco, Punk saved us from long instrumental drivel in the 1970s and the likes of Pink Floyd and then it was the 80s before grunge, Britpop etc in the 1990s. What I’m trying to say is that if I am waiting for the next Stone Roses or Oasis, I’ll be waiting a long time.

This time Manchester, with its rich musical history, has definitely given us another bright star.

This curmudgeonly reviewer may finally understand the music of rap. Well, if not understand, then appreciate it more.

The buzz at the Concorde 2 did remind me of the early days of Oasis and co. Blur. Not the same music but the youngsters with smiles from ear to ear and enjoying themselves.

Yes the language was a bit blue at times but hasn’t that always been the case with the next big things?

Aitch has got a happy stage presence with a big smile himself, joking and talking to the crowd. He’s only 19 but there’s no moody teenager poses going on.

The bass shook not only Concorde 2, but the seafront floor.

My teenage companion reliably informs me that he came on stage to his song Intro.

Some of the best songs of the night were What’s Next and others from his new album. Buss Down was amazing (I can agree) and we were treated to an appearance from Ziezie, who features on the song. They also did French Kisses. He said he was sad that his song Taste did not make it to number one as he was up against Ed Sheeran and Stormzy’s Take Me Back to London but he was on the remix of that song. I apologise to Aitch for ruining his street cred but this middle-aged old guitar music fan enjoyed it and may finally have been converted to the new music.

Arron Hendy and Josef Whitbread

Picture: Mike Burnell