A MAN smashed the windows of a disabled woman’s car and set it on fire.

Neighbours watched as the man approached the vehicle in a disabled bay at Parker Court, Foredown Road in Portslade.

Witness Sadie JC, 37, said she was “absolutely disgusted” by what she saw.

She said: “I watched some absolutely vile, disgusting man smash the windows of this car and set it on fire.

“I was standing on the balcony of my flat with my nephew and I saw this guy weaving through the cars.

“He went up to my disabled neighbour’s car and started smashing the windows with something that looked like a brick.

“But he couldn’t get in and he went over to the passenger side so he could get a good swing.

“I shouted out: ‘Oi, what are you doing’. I was panicking.

“My nephew shouted: ‘he’s set it on fire’ and he called the fire brigade.

“It was shocking. We couldn’t believe it. The car just lit up. It went up so quickly.

“We were all just shocked really. The lady who owns that car is disabled. She has a disabled bay just for her.

“One neighbour got a bucket of water and tried to put it out. Other people were moving their cars out of the way to stop them from blowing up.

“The man just sauntered off. He didn’t even run.”

The suspect is still at large after the arson attack. He was seen wearing a beanie hat and dark clothing. Police are appealing for witnesses.

Sadie said she is now scared for the safety of her family.

She said: “I’ve only just moved here. Me and my little boy were petrified. The neighbours told me nothing like this has ever happened here before.

“I’m worried he hasn’t been found. I haven’t let my little boy walk to the school bus on his own since.

“I’ve got no idea why he did it. It looked like a random arson attack. I just don’t understand it.”

Sussex Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

A spokesman for the force said: “Police were called at 10pm on Monday, December 9, to reports of a car being smashed and set alight at Parker Court, Foredown Road, Portslade.

“The suspect was described as male, thin and wearing a beanie hat and dark clothing. Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting serial 1455 of 09/12.”