EVERY week The Argus staff are patrolling the streets of Sussex hunting for the lookalikes of famous figures who are living among us.

We welcome nominations for the best in Sussex, so send in yours. They can resemble any celebrity, be they a singer, actor, athlete or, as with today’s doppelganger, a famous character from TV or film.

If you have a family member or friend who is the spitting image of someone famous, send us in a photo and we will feature the very best.

The people of Sussex deserve to know which famous celebrity lookalikes are walking among us.

This week’s submission is Tim Oliver, who is the spitting image of Ricky Gervais, particularly when Gervais is in the guise of his most famous character, David Brent.

Tim’s daughter Georgina Oliver, of Hove, sent in the photo, proudly saying: “This is my dad Tim Oliver, a Ricky Gervais lookalike.”

It seems Tim, of East Grinstead, is more aware of his resemblance than many of our lookalikes, as he has been doing it professionally since 2004.

Do you or someone you know have a celebrity lookalike? If so send us in a photo to news@theargus.co.uk.