Hilton Brighton Metropole

Runs until December 29

Five stars

FUN for all the family is an overused term but trust me this show is an absolute joy that will have all ages smiling and laughing.

Put simply, producers David Hill and Lukas Wojcik have aimed for a panto which will appeal to the modern audience and hit the bullseye.

It is a proper pantomime but it has been given an edge through its script and its wonderful cast.

My favourite parts were the comedy sequences. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone so I won’t go into detail but they are those moments when the cast seem genuinely to be having a ball along with you through the songs and jokes.

It is very Brighton, it has those jokes which will fly over the children’s heads but will have the adults laughing.

And most of all the children love it.

Richard Dawes as Smee got a huge cheer at the end, he is an amazing find for the show, working his socks off throughout . All the cast are great though, with Hope Thompson spreading fairy dust on the show as Tinkerbell, Michael Ruben flying through the air and delighting the children as Peter Pan and I loved the mischievous Nathan Charman as Captain Hook. Casting the hilarious Allison Ferns from BBC Sussex is a masterstroke too.

Get down there while it is on, you won’t regret it. It is worth it just to see McKenzie the Bernese dog making a quick appearance as Nana, he’s beautiful.