PUPILS performed in a school production of a classic play.

Teenage students at Roedean School in Brighton starred in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in their school chapel.

The pupils enacted Arthur Miller’s 1953 play about the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts during the late 1600s, where reputation and hysteria rule and the recognition of a real truth is hard to come by.

Lola Clarke put in a commanding performance in the production as John Proctor, whose guilt, lust and pride ultimately destroy him.

Carina Chan starred as the saintly Elizabeth Proctor, while Scarlet Parfitt managed a magisterial demeanour as Judge Danforth.

Grace Riddout managed to convey the weakness and paranoia of a middle-aged pastor Parris.

Holly Harland gave a sinister performance as Mary Warren, who makes accusations of witchcraft with chants that haunted the blue-lit cloisters in the chapel, a moody setting to fit with the play’s ominous themes.

Director and drama teacher at the school, Susan Woodbridge, said: “This subject matter has created an engaging rehearsal process.

“The play allowed our students to discover the range and depth of their acting skills by tackling such an ambitious text.

“I think they have handled it with great professionalism.”