AN ambitious writer has cycled across Europe to create a travel blog with a difference.

Tieran Freedman set off on his bike in June 2018 in the mountains of Northern Norway, with the intention of cycling to Baku in Azerbaijan.

But the 24-year-old from Steyning is planning to extend his journey in the new year to continue writing for his website,

He said: “I wanted to do a massive trip after university, but I didn’t know what.

“I was looking at travel blogs and found they are mostly written by tourists or travellers sharing their own experiences in a place.

“I thought it would be much more interesting to speak to people who live in these places, to find out what they think about their culture and place.”

Tieran said he decided to travel by bicycle, not because he enjoys cycling, but in order to meet people in more remote places to interview.

He said: “I’m really not an avid cyclist, but I wanted to meet people in the countryside for the best interviews.

“People think of cycle touring as a real physical challenge, but 90 per cent of it is in your head.

“I’m quite an extroverted person and I like to be around people, so getting used to being alone for long stints on the road has been difficult.

“I actually think without the website project I would not be able to do this.”

Tieran has interviewed more than 60 people so far, with a focus on telling individuals’ stories, as well as providing an insight into the history of a place and its politics.

He said: “At the moment everyone seems to be scared of everyone else, and people don’t seem to be able to sit down and have a conversation with someone who has a different opinion any more.

“I would like for people to be able to read about someone from a different background, and to hear something relatable. It’s about making people less fearful of others.”

Tieran said he is happy to have had a break at home over the Christmas period, but will be getting back on his bike next year to travel to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

He said: “It is probably the craziest adventure I will ever have. When I’m back in my living room it doesn’t feel real.”